Crossing Colfax

Crossing Colfax: Short Stories by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

My story, “That’s Love, Baby” is in this great anthology. Here’s a part of the description: “A good story is a good story wherever it comes from, and this place is full of them.” – from “Charlie’s Point of View” Playboy Magazine once called Colfax Avenue “the longest, wickedest street in America.” A hundred years ago, it was the main road into and out of Denver, Colorado. East Colfax was the address to have for many of the city’s elite, and West Colfax was a trail that led to the mountains and dreams of Gold Rush riches…”


On Our Own Cover

Could you survive?

Before the zombies arrive, Delilah’s a regular teenage girl, interested in boys and trying to get used to her new life after her parents’ divorce.

But after the virus sweeps across America, Delilah finds herself alone. When she meets a younger girl, they decide to help each other survive until they can find adults or a community that will keep them safe.

But safety is hard to find in a country torn apart by the corrupted dead. And as they travel and fight to survive, Delilah will have to decide if she wants to stay on her own, or if she wants to be a regular teenager again.