My Guest Post at Perilous Writing

by LD on December 4, 2012

As a writer – okay and as a reader – it’s pretty easy for me to act like a hermit.  Fortunately, writers are encouraged to go to writers conferences, and at least once a year I shake off my cobwebs and go to a conference.  It’s a great opportunity to learn more about writing, find out the latest trends, and meet other writers.

Over a year ago I met a writer named S.J. Abraham at a conference.  He’s a great writer and a pretty cool guy.  He’s read some of my work and has given me some really good advice.

He’s also just provided me the opportunity to post one of my short stories on his blog.  His site is called Perilous Writing, and he’s constantly writing and posting flash fiction.  As a reader I think it’s a great idea.  As a writer, I’m honored that he’s including my work on his site, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Please check out the site, and read stories from S.J., myself, and other writers over the next few weeks:

S.J. Abraham:  Favors Part 1 and Favors Part 2

Catiana Nak Kheiyn:  The Question

S. Owen Malles:  The Lanky, Long-legged Blue-Eyed Boy

L.D. Silver:  The Pale Man

Rachel Ottinger:  The Tale of Pandora Russet

Kara:  Expelled

Emma Granberg:  Oliver and Silvio




A Matter of Inches

by LD on September 5, 2012

I’m not a huge football fan, but after living for a few years with a big football fan, I’m beginning to appreciate the sport. 

One of the really good football movies is called Any Given Sunday, and near the end of the movie is a great speech given by the coach, played by Al Pacino.  He says that the game of football is really a game of inches, and you fight for every inch you get.

I think this is something that every writer needs to embrace.  We fight every time we try to get  a paragraph, a scene, and a character right. 

When we win that battle, we start all over again.  We write queries, pitch agents, go to conferences and try to find an audience.  The rejection is more than a hindrance, or an annoyance.  It will drag you down.  But every rejection means you’re still in the game.  You may have lost inches, but everything you send out might be your next step forward.

And then there are the glorious times where you win that inch.  Sometimes it’s an agent saying she likes your query, or asking to see your manuscript, or offering representation.

Or sometimes it’s finding out you’re a finalist in a writing contest.  That’s recently happened to me.  And yes, I know, it doesn’t mean I will win the contest.   But after a year of submitting, and revising, and getting rejections, receiving that email felt incredibly good.  I wanted to jump up and down and run around like a lunatic. 

I finally understand why the football players celebrate, even before a game is won.  Because when you’re fighting for every inch, finally winning that inch feels damn good.




June 20, 2012

I managed to catch Prometheus on its opening weekend in an IMAX theater.  If you’re interested in this movie at all, go see it in IMAX.  Positively stunning views. Overall, I found the movie to be good and entertaining.  Despite its connections to the Alien series, though, this isn’t a horror movie.  It is a great […]

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Hunger Games and Gender

June 8, 2012

So I did manage to go and see The Hunger Games (yes, we’re talking about this again).  I thought it was really good.  I was tense the whole bloody time.  In fact, I’ve now delayed reading the book so I can read a novel with a bit of comedy in it just so I can […]

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Fear and Risk

May 25, 2012

Fear is the theme for today.  I’ve been thinking about fear a lot in the past two weeks.  Okay, fear and risk. There are lots of fears.  There are the fun ones, like the simulated fear created by rollercoaster rides or horror movies so terrifying that you leave your light on at night.  There’s the […]

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Hooked on Zombies

April 13, 2012

I’ve always liked zombies and found them scary. However, I wasn’t truly hooked on zombies until The Dawn of the Dead remake came out in 2004. That was a great movie. The best part though – and I think the part that truly started my fascination – is how the main character discovers that zombies […]

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Books and Movies – Hunger Games

March 22, 2012

The Hunger Games: Book 1 (The Hunger Games Trilogy)Suzanne Collins; Scholastic Press 2010WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder  Hunger Games is coming out in theaters this weekend, and I’m interested in seeing it –  not because I read the book but because I saw the movie trailer. Which brings up a point… In the past few years book trailers […]

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Books and Movies – One For The Money

February 25, 2012

One for the MoneyJanet Evanovich; St. Martin’s 2011WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder  I’ve been thinking lately about movies and book adaptations. This is partly because I just spent some quality time in the airport and I happened to buy One For The Money by Janet Evanovich. Now I have to admit that I’ve seen her novels before, but […]

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Fantasy, Superheroes and Ari Garnick

February 1, 2012

So back when we still had a full field of Republican candidates campaigning for their party’s nomination for president, a boy named Ari Garnick asked the candidates this question: “If you could be any superhero in the world, who would you be?” The overwhelming response was “Superman”, which makes sense when you’re running for president […]

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Self-Publishing vs Legacy Publishing

January 16, 2012

A year ago I changed careers and became a copywriter. Four months later I went back to my old career (data analyst if you’re curious). Why? I discovered that writing nonfiction for someone else during the day – blog posts,etc – greatly impeded my ability to write for myself at night. Hmmm, okay more than […]

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